Mason Jarrell » Classroom Expectations/Rules

Classroom Expectations/Rules

Classroom Rules:

  • Be Safe:  remain in assigned seat/area, follow all teacher directions, and keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Be Respectful:  sit quietly when the teacher is speaking, raise your hand to participate, and be kind with your words and actions
  • Be Responsible:  work hard, be prepared, and own your actions
  • Be Positive: good and encouraging  attitudes towards school work, peers, and teacher

Classroom Management

  • Each class will create a social contract. These are expectations that we will all set for one another.
  • The student will receive 1 warning for breaking the social contract. If the behavior continues, the student will receive an after school detention and/or a phone call home depending on the severity of the situation. If the behavior persists, I will be forced to write an office referral and the student behavior plan will then be followed by the administrator’s plan.