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Lab Expectations

Lab Expectations:

  1. NO food or drink will be allowed in the lab at any time.
  2. NO open toe shoes will be allowed in the lab at any time. Students will be given notice of what day will be a lab day to prepare and bring closed toe shoes for class. If students do not want to carry their closed toe shoes around all day, they may bring their shoes by the classroom before the beginning of 2nd Period. If a student does not have closed toe shoes on the day of a lab, they will not be allowed to perform the lab and will receive a zero.
  3. Long hair must be put up and out of the way.
  4. Students are to follow instructions and not begin lab without the teacher’s instructions. If students do not follow instructions that will be removed from the lab and referred to the Assistant Principal.
  5. NO horseplay in the lab or with lab equipment.