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Covid week 3

Week 3 assignments will be on Google Classroom Monday!  Hopefully you will have some fun with this weeks activities!  I’ll tell you they have to do with lab safety wear and paper airplanes!  

COVID procedures

Advanced Animal Science doubles as a fourth science so we are required to continue work as a core class would, through the COVID-19 issues.  If your child chose online learning all assignments have been put into their Google Classroom with instructions, assignments and necessary notes to complete each assignment.  Students will turn assignments in via Google Classroom as well!  If your child requested hard copies, those will be available through delivery or pick-up, depending on what you chose.  Also, the packets will be complete with everything necessary to complete the assignments.  Students will need to take picture and they can be sent to or they can upload them to Google classroom, whichever is easiest for them.  There will be two assignments per week.
You can reach me at 832-296-5375 or should you have any questions or concerns.  I miss y’all and hope to see everyone soon.  

Feel free to “tell me something good” for extra credit!