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Rachel Anderson » Technology and Engineering

Technology and Engineering

My name is Rachel Anderson and I teach Engineering and Audio/Video Classes. I graduated in 1999 with a degree in Structural Engineering, and I worked in industry for 12 years.  
Bill and I have been married for 17 years.  When our sons, Travis and Collin, were born I stayed home with them.  When the boys went to school, I decided to combine my loves of technology and kids and start teaching.  I taught math and engineering classes for 3 years in Katy prior to moving to Anderson last year.
Engineering and technology applications are so exciting and extremely valuable in today's world.  I'm honored to be able to extend engagement in STEM applications in Anderson-Shiro!
Engineering -
Principles of Applied Engineering (4th and 7th period)
Engineering Design and Presentation (6th period)
Robotics (3rd period)
Audio / Visual - 
Principles of Art, Audio, Video, Technology and Communication (Princ AAVTC) (2nd period)
Audio/Video Production (1st period)
See the attached syllabus.