Mr. Borski’s

2023 - 2024 Syllabus


Anderson-Shiro Junior High School

6th grade Mathematics

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Below is my class syllabus containing class expectations, procedures, and policies. Please read over it carefully, as some policies have changed. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. I look forward to growing your child’s math knowledge this year!




It is extremely important that all students bring the necessary supplies to class every day, and that each student has their supplies by the end of the first week of school. 

  •        Pencils (keep with them)
  •        1 - pack of loose-leaf notebook paper
  •        1 – A single Expo Marker
  •        1 – 1 inch binder with clear sleeve on cover (only for math)
  •        3 – Single Dividers (Can split this pack with science)
  •        1 – Box of Tissues
  •        1 - pack of sheet protectors

**Note: Binders will be used to complete homework, study for tests and required for class daily.




In this Math class, students are required to arrive to class on time each day, ready to give their best effort, with all necessary supplies.  Students must always be ready and willing to listen and communicate with me as well as their classmates. Lastly, students must always respect everyone who they work with in the classroom. Students will also abide by all other rules in the student handbook. As a class we will write our own classroom “norms” that we will follow.


****  If your child fails to complete their homework, expect a phone call from your child during the class period, asking for permission to stay after school to complete the missing assignment.


Cell Phone Policy


At the beginning of each class period students are required to place their cell phones in the designated container with the power off. If a cell phone is seen or heard during class it will be sent to the office.




Student disruption/disrespect will be handled as follows:

1st offense: verbal warning

2nd offense: Detention/parent contact (detention can be before or after school)

3rd offense: Office referral/parent contact

All discipline matters will strictly follow the rules and procedures as outlined in the student handbook.


Grading Policy


Please see student handbook for updated grading policy and specific guidelines.   As stated in the ASCISD handbook, 9-week grades will be determined as follows:


  • 60% Academic Achievement
  • 40% Academic Practice


****  If your child fails to complete their homework, expect a phone call from your child during the class period, asking for permission to stay after school to complete the missing assignment.


Tutoring Times

  •       Monday -  Friday: 7:30-7:55 a.m.
  •      Additional times may be arranged with Mr. Borski. Please do this at least one day prior to the day you plan to attend.


6th Grade Math Units:


Students will receive a calendar monthly that will show what will be covered on a daily basis and when tests/ reviews will be held.  Following are a list of units that we will cover throughout the year:


Unit 1:  Integers & Coordinate Grid                                       Unit 9: Proportions

Unit 2: Rational Numbers & Coordinate Plane                      Unit 10: Proportions with Percents

Unit 3: Multiplying & Dividing Rational Numbers               Unit 11: Multiple Representations

Unit 4: Operations with Integers                                            Unit 12: Triangle Properties

Unit 5: Order of Operations                                                    Unit 13: Geometry

Unit 6: Algebraic Expressions                                                Unit 14: Stat and Displays

Unit 7: Equations                                                                    Unit 15: Personal Finance

Unit 8: Inequalities                                                                       STAAR Review


How can you STAY CONNECTED with what is going on inside class?

Parents, I will make my best effort to keep you in the know about what is going on in class. However, there are several ways for you to stay updated and involved this year! Here are a few ways for you to stay connected to what’s going on in our classroom:


  • Monthly calendars will be posted on my website and handed out to students.
    • These will be placed in the front of their binders.
  • Borski’s Website
  • goo.gl/Gc5Rdg
  • Google Classroom  ---    5ew6r3v