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Alenda Lara » Welcome To Mrs. Lara's Math Class

Welcome To Mrs. Lara's Math Class

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     Philosophy of Education

      I believe that all students are capable of learning. I know that students learn in different types of environments and it is important to use different types of learning strategies to try to reach all students. I believe that learning is important to a person’s life and it relates to how a person will live out that life.


Teacher schedule

1st Period-      7:55 -   8:40     - Math RTI

2nd Period-     8:44 -   9:29     - Conference

3rd Period-      9:33 - 10:18     - 7th grade Math (3rd & 4th periods are blocked)

4th Period-    10:22 - 11:07     - 7th grade Math

5th Period-    11:11 - 11:56     - 7th grade math (5th & 6th periods are blocked)

       Lunch-    11:56 - 12:26     - Lunch

6th Period-    12:30 -   1:15     - 7th grade math

7th Period-    1:19 -   2:04    - 7th grade Math Honors (7th & 8th periods are blocked)

 Study Hall-      2:08 -   2:31     - Study Hall

8th Period-      2:35 -   3:20     - 7th grade Math Honors


Classroom Expectation


Phones are not to be visible at any time during class, unless I have given permission. Students are required by the state to know the basic math operations and therefore cannot use devices to help them do calculations. If the phone is visible it will be turned into the office.


Students need to:

  • Be in your assigned seat/area, and on task
  • Bring paper, pencils, binders and all needed materials every day.
  • HFBO – Keep hands, feet, binders, and objects to yourself.
  • No profanity, rude gestures, cruel teasing or put -downs.
  • Follow all directions of any adult working at this school.


Corrective actions that will be taken include:

  • Reminders, warnings, redirection, seating change
  • Conference with teacher, call/conference with parent
  • After school or lunch detention – must be served within 5 days of assignment
  • Refocus Area – in class location where students have time to reflect on actions
  • Office Referral - only if the students behavior has not improved
Supplies and Materials

Bring every day:

  • Student Binder with dividers (Students will leave binders in the classroom unless the student doesn’t complete the assignment in class)
  • Two #2 pencils or mechanical pencils with lead
  • Highlighters (2 different colors)
  • ear buds/headphones
  • Sweater or jacket (my room can get cold)


Assignments, Quizzes & Assessments

Assignments: Everything we do is part of the over all grade

  • We will begin the day with a warm-up (practice skills & check for mastery)
  • Followed by notes & class activities (matching, task cards, games, projects and more)
  • Then independent work (This is also known as homework, but since we have two class periods this year all students should complete this work in class. Students shouldn’t have homework. Note: If your student doesn’t use their class time to complete independent work, then they must complete it at home, thus giving themselves homework.)
  • There will be at least three major grades a 9- weeks. (Test & projects)
  • No work/No credit (students must show work or no credit will be given even if the correct answer is on the page.)
  • Nine weeks Exams (1st & 3rd nine weeks)
  • Semester Exams (2nd & 4th nine weeks)


Missing and makeup work:

  • Missing work will be available for the student to pick up when they return to class.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the missing work and turn it in
  • It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a time to make up assessments and quizzes
  • There will be no extra credit given - If a student wants to raise their grade, they can turn in missing work, make corrections on low daily grades and retake assessments.
Grades and Progress Reports

Many assignments will require students to enter answers into an online grading system. The system will work on any devise that will connect to the internet, including cell phones. Students should write the grade on their assignments. (All students should be using notes and class practice assignments to help them with the independent work.) At no time do I expect parents or siblings to help the student complete the work. (We all learn how to walk by falling, so it is ok for a student to make mistakes! That is how we learn.) I can see who did the independent work before the students walk out of class.


Parent/Student/Teacher Communication

I am looking forward to a great year. This year should prove to be exciting and challenging for all. Parents are always welcome to call/text me, which is the best way to contact me.




Alenda Lara